Griffin Koelsch: The Tv Series with the subtitle My So-Called Senior Year of Art School is a coming of age, multimedia soap opera experience focused around the narrative of my life during my final year at art school. The show will consist of seven episodes, each one an individual multimedia set with its own themed imagery; as well as secondary and peripheral texts that include promos, advertising, merchandise, and social media hype. Similar to reality television, specific plot points and emotions from my life are dramatized and simplified to be come popular tropes used white American mass media. Through D.I.Y.installation and a “pathetic aesthetic”, the narrator’s hands are everywhere and set a tone of accessibility and self-deprecating humor. Through borrowing semiotics from mass media to represent reality, the work raises questions about the construction and representation of our mediated identities.

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bumpers and promos

The bumpers and promos serve as the gelatinization of the show's basic meanings and pleasures. 

click here to see promo reel

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key chains

Serving as an alternative way to interact with the Griffin narrative, consumers can collect key chains that are representative of the show's imagery and with those images, create their own story for Griffin.

Consumers have the option of choosing between 3 different Griffins, 6 different objects, and 9 different emojis.

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